Dr. Alkaitis is a 100% organically grown, raw skin care for all skin types that stops, prevent and treats damaged and ageing skin which brings it back to its optimum health. Combining an in-depth scientific understanding with an extensive knowledge of the therapeutic properties of plants in their pure form, Dr. Alkaitis is like no other skin care brand out there.

Dr. Alkaitis uses certified organic, biodynamic and ethically wild-crafted ingredients in their raw state for the greatest effectiveness. There has to be no compromise with any of the ingredients and processes in order to deliver the very best results for your skin.

Our products are 100% natural & organic or wild-crafted | Vegan | Gender neutral | Chemical free | Cruelty free | No GMO’s | Raw (unheated)


Enzymes from plants stimulate collagen and elastin production. Natural Vitamin A, B, C & E, Turmeric, Rose Hip Oil, Indian Ginger, Wild Rose Buds, White Sandalwood, Green Tea, Quince, and Mate deliver “that healthy glow”.


Instant results

Dr. Alkaitis products are renowned as the cult beauty secret of the fashion industry used by celebrities, high fashion models and celebrity make-up artists from around the world, because they work.

No fillers - 100% active

All the ingredients in our products have a purpose and benefit the skin. We do not use cheap fillers like water. Our products are handmade from start to finish with Certified Organic & Wildcrafted Food-Grade Ingredients.

100% made in-house & raw

From start to finish, including our extracts, our products are made in-house. To maintain the integrity of the plants, our extracts are made using whole plants at room temperature, thereby maximizing their therapeutic potential.

When we say pure, we mean it.

You won’t find the “plant derived” ingredients, GMO’s, trans-fats, synthetics, or chemicals that are common in most skincare products. That means also no phenoxyethanol, a very common preservative in organic skin care.

Gisele Bündchen loves Dr. Alkaitis Skin Care


Packed full of biologically active ingredients such as grass juice, vegetables, seaweeds and seeds, our products are true skin food.