About the Dr. Alkaitis brand

Dr. Alkaitis treats the skin as a living organ and if you feed an organ healthy “living” food it will be healthier. Dr. Alkaitis’ extracts and products are all made in-house ensuring they contain only “living” ingredients. “Living” means the highest-quality plants, left in their natural state, rather than having their potency diluted inside a laboratory.

Plant extracts are often broken down into “actives”, taking what is seen as the therapeutic content, and discarding the rest. This goes against dr. Alkaitis’ ethos of celebrating the full power of plants in their biological state. All the extracts contained within dr. Alkaitis skincare are never heated above the body’s temperature, to preserve and increase their therapeutic benefits.

When we say pure, we mean it. You won’t find the “plant derived” ingredients, GMO’s, trans-fats (which the body finds hard to break down), synthetics, or chemicals that are common in most skincare products.

All products are handmade from start to finish with Certified Organic & Wild Crafted Food-Grade Ingredients.

Skin conscious
Because it is a range of truly pure and natural skincare, Dr. Alkaitis products work with your skin’s natural functions – not against it. Due to the “living” complexity of the formulations they act like adaptogens for the skin adjusting to each individuals unique skin type, bringing the skin back into balance. Therefore, you won’t find separate products for oily, dry or sensitive “types”. The products correct the individual balance of the skin of each user to bring it to the optimum health.

History in your hands
In working with “living” materials, Dr. Alkaitis carries on an age-old and almost forgotten tradition. From the first civilisations, there has always been a sophisticated knowledge of the natural world. This natural approach to healing has a long and honourable history of preserving the body’s health and well-being. In comparison, synthetic products have been in use for little more than a century and their effects are still largely unknown.

Skin sense
The skin is the body’s biggest organ and absorbs a large amount of the substances (both nutrients and toxins) that are put on it. This has an effect, not just on your skin but the way you feel both inside and out. Our skin acts as a direct line to our health, showing us when there are internal imbalances or intolerances. An organ that performs so many essential tasks needs proper attention and care. You can do this by feeding it the finest therapeutic health food for the skin, dr. Alkaitis.

Chemical non-sense
When synthetic chemicals are used in cosmetic products, they can have an obstructive effect on the skin, blocking sebum and resulting in the formation of blackheads or inflammations. Chemicals are also liable to dehydrate and clog the skin’s important sweat glands, thus forming a threat to our health. The raw materials for these synthetic chemicals are machine-made products. Since machines are extremely inflexible, the raw materials necessary to make these synthetic chemicals must be modified and adjusted to fit the machine. This makes them unfit not just for our skin, but for our bodies as well.

It is therefore no surprise that the use of synthetically processed and modified products clashes with the body’s needs for natural ingredients and as a result always disrupts its natural balance.

Dr. Alkaitis sense
We are aware of the dangers of the many synthetic materials that have entered our modern lives. We believe that caring for your skin is not just a quest toward superficial beauty, but actually a necessary part of your everyday health care. Most skincare in today’s market – even so-called “organic” and “natural” ranges – contains preservatives, additives and synthetic ingredients that don’t support your skin’s natural, healthy processes.