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The Wallpaper award for Best Facial goes to Skin Food Facial by Dr. Alkaitis
“Our research to find this years new facial was vigorous, but Dr. Alkaitis’s all-organic Skin Food Facial was the clear winner”
Wallpaper magazine, Feb 2009
“I love organic products. This cream is so natural you can eat it”In Style magazine, January 2009
Gisele Bundchen, model and actress
“Best eye cream
The stand out product in this category was Dr Alkaitis Organic Eye Cream. A doctor of the ‘if you can’t eat it don’t put it on your skin’ school of thought. Dr. Alkaitis personaly makes all his own extracts ensuring they contain only ‘living’ ingredients. This gentle eye cream contains aloe vera, a unique Herbal Eye Renewal Complex made from wild rose buds, linden blossom, quince, green tea, cornflowers and mate, and a special Rejuvenation Support Complex made from jojoba, Andean mountain rose hip seed and borage oils, plus natural vitamin A, C and full spectrum E.” 
Lifescape Beauty Awards
“Believing that “health is the essential foundation of beauty”, molecular biologist-turned-cosmetic genius Dr. Alkaitis has created a range of natural products made to repair, heal and protect skin from the elements. The latest US brand to cross the Atlantic, the range takes a holistic approach to beauty. We love the Organic Day Cream, which stimulates the oxygen supply to the surface of the skin and, thanks to a cocktail of ingredients like Aloe Vera, St John’s Wort flowers and Echinacea root, you can be assured that your skin is in the best possible hands. �65, 50ml.”Ally Pyle,, July 2008
Dr. Alkaitis is the latest skincare import to arrive from the US and is further fuelling the trend for natural products.Coutts Woman,, 8th July 2008
“Dr Alkaitis, a molecular biologist and specialist in organic, plant-based ingredients, has launched an eponymous range of nine products to rebuild the health and strength of the skin. The Organic Universal Mask is really effective at calming an inflamed complexion.”The Times Magazine, 5th July 2008
LietuvosRytas, Lithuania
Marie Claire June 2008 Editors Choice
Dr. Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil, Pure Healing and soothing Ingredients, from rosehip seed to tumeric, work wonders on stressed out scalps and skin. 
MarieClaire, June 2008
Dr. Alkaitis organic soothing gel is a botanical, antibacterial with nettle, myrrh, witch-hazel and mint, which will moisturise while calming angry outbreaks, so it’s brilliant for skin that is both dry and spotty.’Daily Telegraph, special about teenage skin – 11th June 2008
‘Green appeal: The ultimate Californian macrobiotic range arriving in London later this month- natural ethical and high end with fans ranging from the grande dame make-up artist Mary Greenwell to model Karolina Kurkova’.‘Hard to beat as a fashionable ethical choice’Evening Standard, 3rd June 2008
‘If you favour natural cosmetics and are well versed in organic ungents, you may want to try these biodynamic beautifiers for that extra special something. Dr. Alkaitis skincare, the latest cosmetics brand to cross the Atlantic, certainly goes one step further. Using ingredients harvested in tune with the cycles of the moon (apparently, it maximises their healing properties), the range has created a buzz among beauty insiders…’Sunday Times Style, 1st June 2008
“The ultimate Californina macrobiotic range, arriving in London later this month – natural, ethical and high-end with fans ranging from grande dame make-up artist Mary Greenwell to model Karolina Kurkova. Products contain 100 per cent organically produced “live” ingredients so fresh Dr A claims they are all edible. With exotic wild ingredients including borage, elder and wild fennel…Does it work? Yes. Tested the organic universal mask on a rather cross, blotchy face. It calmed down the irritation and softened the skin. Who’s it for? The eco-chic princess whose body is a temple…”Evening Standard, 6th May 2008
‘Dr. Alkaitis skincare, which launches in June 2008 ( has a heady combination of weird and wonderful that seems to work so well.’Vogue, May 2008
‘Dr. Alkaitis Organic Eye Cream, uses refreshing, repairing aloe vera, green tea and wild rose. They may be pricey but a little goes a long way.’Zest, July 2007
‘If all this sounds good enough to eat it is no coincidence “my mother is a massage therapist and she says ‘If you can’t eat it don’t put it on your skin” says model Angela Lindvall”W Magazine